Perl Integration Tests

In version 1.4.6 new tests were created to integrate tap4j and Perl. This is done by using Patrick LeBoutiliier fantastic metatap script. This is metatap's description from CPAN.

"metatap is a simple testing tool for TAP producers. It reads TAP from standard input, along with the expected results on the command line. It then produces (and optionally runs) TAP describing how the input TAP was interpreted by TAP::Harness."

If you are building tap4j from source you can execute the tests by running mvn -e clean test -Pperl-integration. This command executes a TestNG class that creates a TapProducer, dumps its contents to a temporary file and then reads it with metatap.

This test requires having "perl" in PATH. We tested this in Windows with Perl Strawberry and in Linux with Perl 5.

We are happy to announce that tap4j passed in all integration tests :)