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Create a plug-in (or contribute to an existing one [MSBuild?]) that exposes meta information about a .NET solution

Mar 31, 2013 in dotnet, jenkins, ideas | blog

This idea happened after Andrew Gray’s objectified-solutions. With Objectified Solutions one can extract meta information from a .NET solution. This information includes:

  • Global properties of the solution
  • List of projects in solution
  • Global properties of each project
  • List of source files in each project
  • List of System references that each project depends on
  • List of Project references that each project depends on
  • Basic properties of each source file

The code is hosted at GitHub too. Maybe someone could even think about a “.NET solution project” job type for Jenkins.

TupiLabs Report: 17 Mar, 23 Mar

Mar 25, 2013 in functional-programming, jenkins, paskuale, reddit, speak-like-a-brazilian | news

Here’s the list of the cool things that happened at TupiLabs since last Sunday.

  • Fixed minor issues at Speak Like A Brazilian, and started code review to prepare an Open Source version.
  • Started creating our Puppet and Graphite+LogStash set up to control some of our Linux boxes
  • Over 140 users at r/functionalprogramming, awesome!
  • Got the response of our first comic strip registry in Brazil! Stay tuned :-)
  • Lots of contacts for the promotion of Speak Like A Brazilian
  • Rebooted our Linode servers in order to use the 8 CPU’s (thanks Linode!)
  • First conversations about Jenkins User Meetup 2013 in Brazil
  • 75% of the work on Paskuale‘s backend has been completed.

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Hook do SVN para criar um novo job no Jenkins não está funcionando com o Eclipse

Mar 18, 2013 in eclipse, jenkins, subversion | blog

Havíamos preparado um build pipeline usando SVN, hooks e Jenkins. Além do tradicional hook para disparar jobs no Jenkins, havíamos criado um hook para criar novos jobs no Jenkins, baseados em um template Groovy para cada branch. Basicamente, este script estava casando o commit log do Subversion com “^A new branch”. Estava funcionando bem, exceto para desenvolvedores Eclipse. Novos branches criados com o Eclipse não estavam disparando o hook corretamente. Depois de debugar um pouco, descobrimos que o Eclipse usa comandos diferentes para criar novos branches no SVN.

Em caso você tenha um pipeline semelhante, você será forçado ou a utilizar diferentes expressões, ou pedir aos desenvolvedores que utilizem a linha de comando para criar novos branches (adotamos a opção #2 :=)

SVN hook to create a new job in Jenkins not working with Eclipse

Mar 18, 2013 in eclipse, jenkins, subversion | blog

We had prepared a build pipeline using SVN, hooks and Jenkins. Besides the traditional hook to trigger jobs in Jenkins, we had created a hook to create new jobs in Jenkins, based on a Groovy template for every new branch. Basically, it was matching the Subversion commit log against “^A new branch”. It was working nice, except for Eclipse developers. New branches created with Eclipse weren’t triggering the hook correctly. After a little debug, we found out that Eclipse uses different commands to create a new branch.

In case you are creating similar pipeline, you’ll be forced to either use different expressions or ask the developers to use the command line to create new branches.

TupiLabs Report: 03 Mar, 09 Mar

Mar 12, 2013 in frege, garagem-vaga, illustration, jenkins, logo, paskuale, slbr, tap, testlink | news

Here’s the list of the cool things we did since last Sunday at TupiLabs.

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