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We Help Companies to Adopt Open Source

We can help your company to adopt, customize, or evaluate Open Source software. We help with assessment on the community and project activity, training, documentation, new features, and understanding of how the solution would fit into your company.

We Incubate Ideas and Projects

We have a project with over a thousand social media followers, a Bioinformatics project being used in research and private companies, and many other ideas in our laboratory. Share yours with us, and let's have fun building a new project.


Tutorials and Blog

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The tutorials written here cover common tasks that are either repetitive, or complicated. Most tutorials were written during some work on an Open Source software, or on a commissioned software, and may require some previous knowledge about the technology or other tools.

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Courses and Training for Open Source Software

We aim to provide courses and training material for projects that are actively used in research and corporate environments. We focus specially on projects that are lacking learning materials, or that are too niche specific.

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