TupiLabs Report: 17 Mar, 23 Mar

Here’s the list of the cool things that happened at TupiLabs since last Sunday.

  • Fixed minor issues at Speak Like A Brazilian, and started code review to prepare an Open Source version.
  • Started creating our Puppet and Graphite+LogStash set up to control some of our Linux boxes
  • Over 140 users at r/functionalprogramming, awesome!
  • Got the response of our first comic strip registry in Brazil! Stay tuned :-)
  • Lots of contacts for the promotion of Speak Like A Brazilian
  • Rebooted our Linode servers in order to use the 8 CPU’s (thanks Linode!)
  • First conversations about Jenkins User Meetup 2013 in Brazil
  • 75% of the work on Paskuale‘s backend has been completed.

We are working for you

Have a great week!