Promoting material for Jenkins User Event

In this post you can find the raw material used for the promoting material for Jenkins User Event, that will take place next December in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It has been created with GIMP and Inkscape, both Open Source tools.

Banner 175x150


Banner 300x250


Banner 700x90


It should be useful for people willing to organize Jenkins User Events, or any other similar event and is looking for inspiration for the promoting banners. Ah, take a look at the layers in GIMP. There’s an extra one for JUC’s too.

Jenkins logo without the red-ish background

We used Inkscape to remove the red-ish background of Jenkins logo (we needed that way to create the T-Shirts). Below you can find both the final result and a video with the process for removing that background.


Have fun :-) and soon we’ll post the final T-Shirt design too