Preparing a new release of tap4j

We are preparing a new release of tap4j in the upcoming days. It’s been a while since last release, and it is one of our favorite Java projects. tap4j is a complete implementation of the Test Anything Protocol (TAP) for Java. This test protocol has been created with Perl 1, about 1988, and can be extended with YAML.

This release will include only code enhancements, like javadoc, TODO/TBD/FIXME tags and code styles improvements. The repository has been migrated from under kinow unto tupilabs at GitHub. The issue tracking from has been replaced by GitHub, as it is easier to manage Pull Requests and issues at the same place. And we also replaced CloudBees Open Source tap4j project by CloudBees BuildHive, as it also has a nice integration with GitHub.

Stay tuned, a new release is coming :D