YAMLish (diagnostics)

tap4j uses YAMLish. It is a subset of YAML that can be used to extend your test results.

For instance, the following test has extra information about an image attachment.

  ok 1 - Running Selenium Login Test
  ok 2 - Typing Values
  ok 3 - Hitting Enter
            File-Title: login.jpg
            File-Description: Login Screenshot
            File-Size: 1612
            File-Name: message.txt
            File-Content: TuNvIGNvbn...6Y2lhIQ==
            File-Type: image/png

The File-Content entry holds the Base64 encoded file content. You don't have to use this entry, you can use File-Location too, and avoid attaching the file content.

For producing TAP with YAMLish, you simply have to create java.util.Map and add it to a TestResult.

TestResult testResult = new TestResult(StatusValues.OK, 1);
testResult.setDescription("- no error");

Map<String, Object> yamlish = new HashMap<String, Object>();
yamlish.put("name", "neo");