TupiLabs was created for you!

Our services and solutions are created thinking about you. We use English, even though it is not the native English of every member in TupiLabs, but we believe this way we are including more people.

Our software is created with permissive Open Source OSI approved licenses, so that you can use it for both your hobby and professional project. And we contribute to both new and existing open source projects.

We have no preference for programming language or operating system. We like Jenkins CI, but we will try to work and fix issues in Travis CI or TeamCity.

If you believe in our work, and would like to contribute so that we can continue working for you, you can donate:

  • Money
  • Software License
  • Servers for our projects
  • Time, working with us in OSS projects

Or just let us know. We appreciate any feedback.

Happy hacking!